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The Company is controlled and run by Bugs Soft Tech Private Limited Raipur. VF or one of its subsidiaries. The term “control” shall mean in this context the direct or indirect ownership of (100%) of the rights of a company, the power to nominate more than 70% of the directors, or the power otherwise to determine the policy of a company or organization.


The person(s) or company whose order for the Goods is accepted by the Company in accordance with Company rules and regulations as otherwise confirmed in writing to the Buyer. The buyer means that our online and offline logged in customers like Farmers, Mandi and End buyer (consumers).


These conditions of sale and purchase Contract means the contract between the Company and the Buyer for the sale and purchase of the Goods (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers and Dry Fruits) means any Products which the Company is to supply, or has supplied, to the Buyer. “Minimum Order Value” means for orders comprising followed by government and Mandi pricing.


A minimum cumulative order value of 35.00 INR applying to any part of an individual order that relates to seeds. A minimum dispatch quantity of single box of fresh plants per delivery applies at our allocated locations. If the order value is bellow of 100.00 INR the company will be charge 15.00i INR as a delivery charge. The delivery or service charge might be change or vary in future.


Small vegetables means formulated materials sold, without limitation, for A minimum cumulative order value of 35.00 INR applying to any part of an individual order that relates to seeds. A minimum dispatch quantity of single box of fresh plants per delivery applies at our allocated locations. If the order value is bellow of 100.00 INR the company will be charge 15.00i INR as a delivery charge. The delivery or service charge might be change or vary in future. Products, and any other products supplied by the Company. Any reference to a statute or statutory provision shall be construed as a reference to the same as from time to time amended, consolidated, modified, extended, re enacted or replaced.


No terms or conditions which the Buyer purports to apply under any purchase order, confirmation of order, specification or similar document will form part of the Contract, whether as a result of such document being referred to by the Buyer or the Company or otherwise. The Company will not accept orders which are less than the Minimum Order Value (but may waive this requirement. No order which the Company has accepted may be cancelled by the Buyer except with the written VegFarms Corporation means of the Company. Please note that the Company does not have a process for receiving cash with orders. No order placed by the Buyer for the Company delivers the vegetables, fruits, flowers and dry fruits to the Buyer. No order placed by the Buyer for accepted by the Company until writtenwww.vegfarms.inconfirmation of the acceptance is issued by the Company or (if earlier) written delivery confirmation is issued by the Company or the Company delivers the vegetables, fruits, flowers and dry fruits to the Buyer.


Goods shall be delivered by the Company to nominated delivery points previously in writing by the Company. The Buyer shall (at its expense) provide at the relevant delivery point adequate and appropriate equipment, and manual labor with appropriate health and safety training, for offloading of the veggies. Any dates specified by the Company for delivery of the veggies are approximate only. Time for delivery shall not be of the essence and may not be made of the essence by notice.

The quantity of any consignment of Goods as recorded by the Company or its contractor upon dispatch from the Company’s or its contractor’s place of business shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity received by the Buyer on delivery unless the Buyer can provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary. The company is promising to the consumers to deliver exact weight or piece of the vegetables, fruits, flowers and dry fruits if found any kind of loss in transport company will be replace or returned to the veggies.

The Company shall not be liable for any non-delivery of Veggies (even if caused by the Company’s or its contractor’s negligence) unless written notice is given to the carrier and the Company within 7 days of the date when the Goods would in the ordinary course of events have been received. This is the fresh and daily usable products that are why company said to make a order one day or one hour prior while we can deliver on time.

Any liability of the Company for non-delivery of the Veggies ( shall be limited to either (at the Company’s option) replacing the Goods within a reasonable time or issuing a credit note at the pro rata Contract rate against any invoice raised for such Goods.

Signature of qualified acceptance on a carrier’s delivery note shall not be written notice to either the carrier or the Company for the purpose of these Conditions. The Company warrants that the Goods will be delivered in resale-able or disposable condition. The Company shall not be liable for a breach of the warranty in Condition.

In the case of products have successfully delivered company will not taken back or refund the money so be sure to place the order from

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What personal information do we collect/hold?

  1. Your name, job title and employer’s name
  2. Business contact details, including address, email address and telephone number. Home contact details may be collected if you offer this as an alternative or work from home
  3. How is it collected? (Especially if assumed or obtained by electronic means).
  4. Your information is collected either directly from you, or may be sent to us by one of your business/VF representative to register your details on your behalf in
  5. Your activity on the FSSAI and MCA website may also be monitored and information used to help tailor your services/ information preferences.

What is the lawful basis for collecting this information?

  1. To ensure we ‘fulfill our contract’ with you as a VegFarms Stakeholder, Member or Trade Assurance scheme participant
  2. For certain legitimate business purposes, e.g. where the processing enables us to enhance, modify, personalize or otherwise improve your services / communications.

Who might we share your information with?

  1. Your information will not be shared with any outside party unless it is specifically to provide a service authorized by VegFarms Corporation (BST Pvt. Ltd.).
  2. Certification bodies administer Trade Assurance schemes for FSSAI. They will therefore collect, store and process your personal and company contact details for this purpose only.
  3. All third parties sign a written contract with FSSAI specifying your information will not be used for unauthorized direct marketing purposes and that your information will be stored securely and processed in accordance with Indian Govt.

How is your information used?

Your information will only be used to provide services and support associated with your VF contract, Membership, or Trade Assurance scheme participation and other legitimate business purposes. Be assure the VegFarms Corporation is 4th one products of Bugs Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd. Raipur.

How long do we keep hold of your information?

Your information will be stored for as long is required to fulfill our contract with you. Once this contract has ceased and there is no legal requirement to retain it, all identifiable information will be deleted and only basic non-indefinable information retained for statistical purposes.

How secure is your data?

  1. At “VF” we take the safety and security of your data very seriously and we are committed to protecting your personal (Name, Address & Contact Number) and sensitive information (Name, Address & Contact Number). All information kept by us is stored on our secure servers. Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password that enables you to access certain parts of our website, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you not to share a password with anyone.
  2. Once we have received your information, we will use our strict procedures and security processes to try to ensure unauthorized access does not occur.
  3. If data is processed by third-party providers, we will have obtained surety from them about the security of any data they process on our behalf.
  4. How to access the information we hold about you and your right to withdraw/amend information if you have not required to access our website you can delete any time by sent the mail to .
  5. Your information is collected, retained and processed under the legitimate business interest reason enabling us to provide our services to you. You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data where it is processed on the basis of legitimate interests provided that there are no compelling reasons for that processing.
  6. Please use the details below to contact us if you wish to withdraw from any VF/BST/BUGS mailing list, correct any inaccuracies in the information that we hold, or prefer not to receive further contact from VF/BST/BUGS.
  7. You may also request to receive a copy of the information we hold on you. Please allow 30 to 45 days following receipt of your request for this information to be sent.
  8. In the event that you are not satisfied with our processing of your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority, which is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the INDIA, at any time. The ICO’s contact details are available here:
  9. VegFarms Corporation is business only about the Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers and Dry fruits that’s why there is no chance or option to change or replace any products so please be sure what you are ordering.
The Veggies to be supplied under the Contract shall be such quantity as the Company shall in its sole discretion allocate to be supplied under the Contract, and the Company shall not be in breach of the Contract, negligent or otherwise liable to the Buyer/Seller or Consumers if such quantity is less than that ordered by the Buyer. When order has delivered you cannot react for replace or refund back.

Property and Risk

The company is assigning you as customers, Members or VF Partners for that process company can asked you only about your name, deliverable address, contact numbers. We promise to you, your information never is share to anyone outside from our company. We are bringing any kind or other property related doc or information.

  1. Nature of the business: Online Platform.
  2. Capacity of production: Just we directly buy from farmers and local mandi’s then sale to the end users.
  3. Area of operation: Recently we are serving only in Chhattisgarh (Raipur/ Bilaspur/ Bhilai).
  4. The scale of operations: Small Scale of the Food related business in hope might be upgrade in future.
With the introduction of the VF, several smaller and narrower laws were replaced to bring in this all-encompassing Act. We bid farewell to the following Indian laws:
  1. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954
  2. Fruit Products Order, 1955,
  3. Meat Food Products Order, 1973,
  4. Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order, 1947,
  5. Edible Oils Packing (Regulation) Order 1988
  6. Solvent Extracted Oil, De-Oiled Meal and Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967
  7. Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992 etc. will be repealed after commencement of FSS Act, 2006.
The FSSAI Act planned on establishing a network that helps all consumers, panchayats, local authorities, etc. to dispense speedy and reliable information about food safety across the country, while also creating a single authority and point of contact for all matters relating to food safety and standards. According to the new regulations of FSSAI, food businesses are not allowed to use or modify words like fresh, natural, pure, authentic, genuine, traditional or real on their food labels or packing unless the products are not processed, or only peeled, chilled, washed, or trimmed. The FSSAI license number is a 14-digit number that must be printed on all the food packing by a business that is registered under the FSSAI. A business that fails to print its FSSAI number on packages may face heavy penalties. We serve or business only regular daily plants products like vegetables, fruits, flowers and dry fruits. That’s why the 14-digit barcode numbers cannot be applicable for that (VegFarms Corporation) business but it shall be change in future as per govt. terms and conditions.

Simpler rules that the FSSAI have made mandatory to follow are:

  1. FSSAI logo with its license if applicable.
  2. Vegetarian Mark.
  3. Hall Mark if applicable.
  4. Ingredients in the product being made.
  5. Nutritional value in percentage.
  6. Manufacture, production and expiration dates have to be mentioned on the product.
VegFarms Corporation uses only local packaging methods like Jhola, Thaila, or Cloth LOGO name and address printed recyclable carry bags. If the customers belongs from any Catering, Hotel, Restaurant they must have to produce or show business prove to the VegFarms Corporations.

What constitutes an eating house?

The VegFarms Corporation is not delivering or serving any kind of direct or indirect alcoholic products. So be sure by taking or receive veggie products have delivered to you.

What are some of the documents needed for the application process?
(Only for VF-Partners/ Investors/ Franchisee)

We have mentioned a list of documents that applicants should keep handily before they begin the application process for their licenses. Proof of identification such as PAN Card details, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Cards, drivers’ license and so on…

  1. Proof of residence such as Passport, Voter ID, Government bank account etc
  2. Proof of ownership or lease documents if the land is being rented
  3. Self-attested no objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premise, if it is being rented out for an eatery.
  4. Memorandum of Association of the eating house and LLP.
  5. Complete list of Director or Partner Names

Photograph of the Partners or Franchisee in allocated space.

These are all the major documents that could be needed. If some of the documents have been submitted under one category, they cannot be used certain. For instance, if a passport has been used as an identification proof, it cannot be used for an address proof as well and would have to be substituted with something else. One of the documents considered as one of those means one for address or id proves

What would the rest of the steps to make the license a possibility be?

Post submitting all the details and documents needed, applicants would have to pay their fees. After the fees of approximately Rs. 1220.00 INR have been paid, if there have been errors on the forms, or the information has been misrepresented, the amount paid would be forfeited.

The process does take anywhere between 30 to 45 days. After submitting all the information, this has to be actively followed upon. The validity of an eating house license does vary based on multiple factors like the type of establishment being run, for instance, food trucks would have shorter expiration dates for their licenses as compared to restaurants. Usually, however, the default for most venues is three years.

While approaching the expiration date of the license, the establishment would need someone to work on the process of renewing it. Unlike most other Government documents, the eating house license, restaurant, hotels, etc. does not have a renewal form. It would have to be done like the process of applying for the license from the get-go. This does take time so it would be better to begin a little better the actual expiration of the license.

Price and Payment

The price for the Veggies shall be the price set out in the Company’s published price list current at the date of delivery. The price for the Veggies is exclusive of any value added tax or any other applicable tax which the Buyer shall pay in addition when it is due to pay for the Veggies. The Company may generate invoice to the buyer for the Veggies at any time after dispatch from the Company’s or its contractor’ warehouse to the place of delivery.

All payments to the Company under the Contract shall become due immediately upon its termination (howsoever caused) despite the terms of any other provision. The Buyer shall make all payments due under the Contract without any deduction or withholding whether by way of set-off, counterclaim or otherwise unless the Buyer has a valid court order requiring an amount equal to such deduction to be paid by the Company to the Buyer.

If the Buyer fails to make any payment under the Contract on the due date then (without prejudice to the Company’s other rights and remedies) the Company may charge the Buyer interest (both before and after judgment) on the amount unpaid at the annual rate of 2.00 % per month, compounded monthly, until payment is made in full (a part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating interest). The Buyer shall also pay any reasonably incurred costs of collection in relation to such unpaid amounts.


The provisions and Conditions set out the entire liability of the Company (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its Affiliates, employees, servants and sub-contractors) to the Buyer in respect of: any breach of these Conditions; and any use made or resale by the Buyer of any of the Veggies, or of any product incorporating any of the Veggies; and any representation, statement, tortuous act or omission (including negligence), arising under or in connection with the Contract.

Subject to Terms & Conditions

The Company’s total liability in contract, tort (including negligence and breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of the Contract shall be limited to the Contract value net of Tax (if applicable); and the Company shall not be liable to the Buyer by reason of any representation or any implied warranty, condition or other term or any duty at law or under the express terms of the Contract for any indirect, consequential, incidental or special loss or damage, costs, expenses (whether or not the Company has been advised of the possibility of such loss, damages, costs or expenses), or any claims for consequential compensation, howsoever caused.

The Company shall not be liable to the Buyer for any loss of profit, loss of business, loss of business opportunity, loss of revenue, depletion of goodwill howsoever caused (including without limitation caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees, or sub-contractors), which arises out of or in connection with the Contract. Any provision of the Contract which is held by any competent authority to be invalid, void, voidable, unenforceable or unreasonable (in whole or in part) shall to the extent of such invalidity, vividness, violability, unenforceability or unreasonableness be deemed severable and the other provisions of the Contract and the remainder of such provision shall not be affected.

The Buyer holds harmless and indemnifies Govt. against any and all claims of third parties for damages which have been caused by or are otherwise connected with any Goods delivered by Govt., including, without limitation, claims made against Govt. in its capacity as producer of the Veggies pursuant to product liability, unless such damage is caused by breach of contract, negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Company.

Packing and traceability of Veggies use of trademarks, signs and other indications All of the trademarks, service marks and logos displayed on the Goods and any referenced document or website (the “Trademarks”) are registered and unregistered trademarks of the Govt. Group, or third parties who have licensed their trademarks to the Govt. Group. Buyer shall not reproduce, display or otherwise use any Trademarks without the Company’s prior written permission. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the Buyer is not permitted to use Trademarks, signs and other marks used by the Company, to distinguish its products from those of other businesses, with the exception of trading the Veggies in their original packing on which trademarks, signs and other indications have been applied by the Company (or a member of the Govt. Group). If the Veggies are resold, this provision shall also be imposed upon the Buyer’s own buyer and to any subsequent buyers. The Buyer and VF Partners shall not change or remove any Trademarks (including, without limitation, corporate or trade names and labels).

Special Conditions Relating to Veggies Products
(Where the Goods comprise Veggies Products)

If the Buyer finds a mutant in the Products (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits), the Buyer shall report this immediately to Govt. by registered letter, and shall immediately make available to Govt. materials of the mutant for testing purposes and for any other purposes without charge.

The Buyer indemnifies Govt. for any damages Govt. incurs as a result of any violation by the Buyer of Govt.’s plant breeder’s rights or other intellectual property rights. The Buyer undertakes to fully cooperate as desired by Govt., including cooperating with the collection of evidence, in the event that Govt. is engaged in legal proceedings with regard to plant breeder’s rights or other intellectual property rights.

The Buyer shall report all sales of the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) as may be required by relevant royalty collecting agencies administering rights in the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits).

Force Majeure

This Section not indefinite for the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) products in India It may be change as per outside of India.


Buyer, Seller terminations depend based on his/her real time business deal if found any kind of objectionable things, products behalf of the customers, sellers, buyers VegFarms Corporation may terminate any time without any written notice.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The formation, existence, construction, performance, validity and all aspects of the Contract and these Conditions and any issues or disputes arising out of or in connection with the Contract or these Conditions (including, without limitation, any claims in tort and for breach of statute or regulation), shall be governed by Indian law and the Company and the Buyer hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts in respect of any such issues and disputes.



The first part of the report provides an outline of the main policy perspectives surrounding the use of air freight in food supply chains. The methodologies that have been used to consider the environmental impacts associated with the food/(Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) supply chain are outlined, focusing particularly on the approaches used to investigate fresh produce production and transport. A literature review of farm to fork studies forms the central part of the report, followed by an analysis of the energy consumers expend in their purchase and consumption related activities of fresh produce. The later part of the report investigates some of the policy options that may be used to reduce carbon emissions in the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain. The report concludes with a summary of key conclusions and recommendations in India.


Policy Issues

The food and (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) The issue of food miles and air miles has lead to increase in demand for labeling of food to show its impact on greenhouse gas emissions. This labeling in particular has led to commitments from some to carbon footprint their products and labels their food accordingly. The INDIA has taken the lead in carbon labeling and carbon ratings

Therefore, removing the certification of air freighted produce from these countries may be contrary to the Social Association’s second principle of social justice. Other issues which have arisen that are unrelated to this issue are the increase in the debate around seasonal consumption and consuming locally produced foods. Studies in the India show that locally grown food labels greatly influence consumers. Given a choice, consumers are more likely to purchase locally grown over organic foods produced in a distant region, even if the local foods were produced using some pesticides (Leopold Center for Sustainable)



VegFarms Corporation, Buy the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) direct from the Farmer and Local Mandi and supply the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) to the end consumers in India Using local Vehicles.



Trade in Fresh Fruit and Vegetables this section reviews the trends in trade of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is estimated that over 73 million tones of fruit and vegetables per annum are traded globally with a value of circa vegetable trade has grown significantly. In the case of fruit, trade has grown by 43 per cent and vegetables by 37 per cent over this period. For 2003, international trade in fresh fruit accounted. Non-traditional tropical fruits have been one of the fastest growing areas with the growth of fruit such asmangoes, pineapples and papayas doubling in.

The growth in trade since the early 1980s and also splitting trade into fresh and product categories. The strong growth in fresh fruit and vegetable exports is clearly shown in this graph, highlighting the more than doubling of exports for the 20 year.


Literature Review

There is a range of literature relevant to energy and emissions associated with the production, trade and consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. This chapter reviews a variety of material concerned with fresh fruit and vegetable production, consumption, transport and trade. The first part of the chapter focuses on several reports that consider greenhouse gas emissions at an aggregate level, either for the country level. These reports provide an indication of the greenhouse gases associated with the food sector and specifically from fruit and vegetables.

This section also reviews literature focusing on the supply of fresh produce from developing countries, highlighting the role fruit and vegetable production plays in India. The second part of this chapter reviews studies that focus on a specific product, covering various stages of the supply chain. This part of the chapter begins with several studies which investigate the transport related emissions or energy associated with fruit and vegetable supply chains (Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers & Dry Fruits) and then reviews the more comprehensive studies that incorporate wider elements of the supply chain including production.


Policy Options

The selective ban option suggested would need to be implemented very carefully to help minimize the potential criticisms of unfairness or the favoring of particular parties. The Soil Association has identified the difficulties for an organic (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) certification body in making decisions that have significant Veggies and social ramifications. Moreover, it does not address the issues above that air freight may not be most significant contributor to the emissions identified. The labeling of products transported by local distributors may be seen as a broad brush approach that in some instances may mislead consumers into believing that a particular product is more. The company is not growing and planting any (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) in any where VF just a platform to sale the (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers & Dry Fruits) online. Buyer can make a order online.

We just door to door deliver Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers & Dry Fruits. This might be organic and in-organic products even seasonal products. We do not test or check any poisonous or not, hygienic or non-hygienic buyer and consumers can buy and eat at own risk.


Conclusion and Recommendations

The above review does highlight growing concern with climate change and the carbon footprint associated with food production. This has implications for market access for exporting countries especially those that are a long distance from the market or which rely on air freight in every where every people go to the market for vegetables. It is burning lots of carbon mono oxides why they should not recommend to the online distributors like

In general it is very difficult to obtain information from existing studies that enable comparisons to be made between the energy and emissions for all components of the supply chain of Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers & Dry Fruits. Many studies focus just on transport and thus do not consider the full energy and emissions associated with the production and processing of the product. Of the studies concentrating on transport it is clear product transported by air has the highest emission profile. However, when the whole supply of a product to a market is considered the emissions associated with air transport tend to be low. Moreover, the energy and emissions associated with air freight are sometimes comparable to the emissions from internal transport within the importing country.

Most of the studies assume that the importing country could supply the market and replace imports. For many products this is unlikely to be the case and they certainly could not do this without some intensification of their production thereby raising energy and emissions intensity. For example, in the case of air freighted products the alternative source of production may be using heated greenhouses, which may not be more energy and emissions efficient.

It is important to consider the position of producers in the production and transport of fresh fruit and vegetables. For example, for some African producers, their geographic location and lack of other transport infrastructure necessitate the air freighting their production. Similarly, fresh produce exporters who may normally sea freight their production may from time to time be obliged to air freight limited quantities of their product in order to maintain the supply to the market. This situation has interesting ramifications in terms of labeling. Should all of these producers’ products be labeled as air freighted or just the air freighted element.

In recommendation there is a real need for clarity of information over the issue of food and air miles to the general public, and industry among other stakeholders. At present the debate, especially in the media, has centered on air miles or the distance food travels for (Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers & Dry Fruits) rather than placing this in the context of the full food supply chain encompassing production and distribution. There is a need for encoring research which incorporates all elements of a full life cycle analysis and which are transparent and comparable across countries and products.

In discussions about the issue of air miles it is important that the full range of purchases of consumers is considered and that the air freight component is seen in context of total purchases and their associated emissions. Furthermore, in evaluating the impact of production and transport on emissions, the carbon footprint of the country of origin could be considered.

It is certainly not clear that labeling of food which is air freighted would reduce emissions overall and therefore be the favored option. Finally, all the studies assume that alternative sources of supply could be found closer to the market. VF expand their production of Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers & Dry Fruits is very limited and certainly not without intensification in this or other sectors.


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